Just like every other year in the SEO industry we get to witness more and more changes and improvements from Google as a reminder of what might be required in our future site designs. Then accordingly, we must plan the update in order to keep ourselves a part of the game judging by the amount of competition we have to face thanks to the daily growth in the market.

Particularly when it comes to the ranking and its improvement, it is difficult to know where to start especially when it comes to local results. Nevertheless, it should not come off too strong, as the best source to start is where Google is of course! Google Places tends to list a massive amount of local businesses around the world in order to assist consumers in making better-informed decisions. As obvious as it can be, for a potential customer, if your Google Places page is relevant in any way to their query, your page is most likely to appear. A recent eCommerce research shows that the conversion rate of traffic from Google places and Google plus is about 0.96% which is higher than other major networks like Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

There are some method which are figured out by GO-Gulf Dubai SEO team, you can use to make difference in your local Google ranking with an exceptional bang.

1. Be Awesome!

‘Really? Is it that simple?’ If this is what you actually were thinking, do not be too surprised to acknowledge that yes, it actually is a piece of cake! But not to take your hopes up too high you cannot see the ground anymore, it is at the same time not exactly that easy for a local business.

Look around you hard and for a heavy amount of time, and take in all you see. You will find yourself in the middle of websites that had the same or similar content everywhere. ‘Oh God no, what do I do now?’ If this is what is on your mind this very moment, all you need to know is what to avoid. Make sure you are avoiding your own downfall by:

  • Where is the Home Page Content?

Please do not forget the point that what you write on your site is actually your selling point to lure your customers in silently. They need to know, yes, you actually do have what it takes to provide them with all they need to know. If you have a few liners on your website as a guideline, not to be rude but you must revive your content instantly and add content worthy of reading.

  • You are so spamming us with these Keywords

It should not surprise you to see over a billion sites are still rocking it old school with this outdated tactic. Just because you listed every city that popped in your mind separated by commas on your home page does not necessarily you will be rewarded with the ranking you intend to achieve. I think we all know it takes much more than just that to get there. Keep it simple, yet classy. Make it a tad bit more informative, let loose of the junk and increase the weight of importance with the help of relevant content.

  • Okay, No Offense, Awful Title Tag

Imagine the amount of junk people overdose their readers with by intoxicating them with titles that are literally so long that it drowns itself with your future in the 500 pixels of width permitted to use for a start. The point of a title tag is to prepare the reader on what they are about to see in the rest of the page. The title should be a summary, not a huge chunk of keywords that appears desperately fit in just for a possible rank.

2. Google Places

This is the trickiest part you can come across, as your business may already have a spot in the Google SERPs, who knows! Although, to start getting the desired attention from Google to bring you closer to showing the accuracy of your businesses’ information you will undoubtedly require a Google Places account. See Google places page of GO-Gulf as example. However, if you are new to this, you must start here:

  • Use up-to-date contact details, provided with a physical address, operation hours and
  • Maintain a consistency in NAP (Name, Address and Phone), it helps avoiding any future
  • Select a business category that is on point – this affects your local SERPs ranking that is photos disturbances. based on the competition for each category.

3. Keep the River of Quality Flow for Eternity

  • Category

Selection This is the biggest possible mistake one can make. Skipping out on the category, you will list in, whilst the identification of your business reflects lack of professionalism. This will definitely mark against you, as no one will be able to specify what it is you specialize in to begin with!

  • Quality

At times, one must agree in given situations quality does count more than quantity. Spamming your business on every website in sight is not at all a sign of the best in town, but more like the most desperate business of all. Local citation on least popular websites will only bring you down, not up.

  • Quantity

Regardless of what I mentioned above, quantity still plays a role. If you plan to compete amongst very competitive companies, you need to get a grip over the local citations first.

4. English Please, If you Do not Mind

  • Keyword Word Order

It is an art to nail an exact match of what a searcher might anchor on to as their keyword. if you try to understand the feasibility of the ranking of your page you will come down to the point to notice the improvement comes better majorly with the usage of the same keyword in a different order.

  • Grammar and Spelling

It is obvious you know English, what is not obvious is the proper usage. If nailed on the dot, proper grammar and spellings could take you to unimaginable heights, including a professional and respected first impression.


Author: Zhoyia - a professional writer from GO-Gulf. She loves to express hers and the emotions of people in her surroundings through the power of words.

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