Drupal's search module allows your site's users to search both the content on the site and also the registered users. In order for your users to use the search feature, you must enable it first. Let's get started.

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Drupal 7 introduced many new changes. One of these involves Taxonomy, Drupal's way of organizing content. Let's see what's changed with Taxonomy and what you'll need to do differently in Drupal 7:
In Drupal 6, uploading modules and themes was often troublesome for beginners. They would have to follow a confusing process:
There was one small little feature in Drupal 6 that would routinely drive students in our classes mad. It wasn't a major feature but it was a major annoynance: controlling the author and date information. Some content on your site simply doesn't need to display…
Client side editors in Drupal often require additional modules to enhance them. If you uploaded CKEditor, without a file management module you won't be able to search the site for pictures when you click the insert button. CKFinder is an addition for the CKEditor that…
This tutorial will show you how to install the TinyMCE editor into Drupal 7. By default, Drupal doesn't install with an editor in place so you'll need to install one to have any text formatting options. Here's how to install TinyMCE, perhaps the most popular…
IMCE is a great module that will give you file management capabilities while editing your articles in Drupal 7. You can add various WYSIWYG editors to Drupal to allow you to have advanced editing capabilities. Among these are TInyMCE, CKEditor, BUEditor and more. However, while…
Linkit provides an easy interface for internal linking. Linkit links to nodes, users, views and terms by default, using an autocomplete field. Linkit requires that Pathologic is also installed. Pathologic is an input filter which can correct paths in links and images in your Drupal…
Updating a Drupal site is vital for security. In this tutorial we're going to show you how to update your Drupal 7 site from one minor version to another. That means from 7.0 to 7.2 or 7.2 to 7.4. and so on.
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