Login Destination is a module that allows you to specify which page the user sees after logging in. One very common use is to redirect users to the page they were viewing before they logged in. Login Destination is available for both Drupal 6 and…

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Do you need to check what your users see when they login to your site? Do you often need to troubleshoot issues for your users? If so, the Masquerade module will be a very useful tool. The Masquerade module allows you to login as any…
LoginToboggan is a module that improves the login experience in Drupal. It has over eleven useful features including options that allow you to:
There are many different languages available for a Drupal installation, but what if you want to have a site with more than one language? Drupal is up to the task, but it's not a trivial procedure. There are two areas that need translation. First, you'll…
JCarousel is a useful module for creating Drupal slideshows. It uses the JCarousel plugin from http://sorgalla.com/jcarousel/and makes it easy to use via integration with Views. Here's a simple example of how to use the JCarousel module.
Drupal is fully compatible with SiteGround servers. Here are the server requirements as listed on Drupal's official web site. Recommended Web Server: Apache Drupal will work on Apache web server hosted on UNIX/Linux, OS X, or Windows platforms. SiteGround hosting servers are all Linix based…
The access control list at Administer -> User management -> Permissions is quite self-explanatory.
The Drupal taxonomy provides a great way to manage the content sorting of your web site. Those are just basic examples and you can achieve amazing results extending the taxonomy vocabularies and terms for your web site. Now that we have created the vocabulary and…
There are 3 actions you can take with an existing vocabulary. Edit the vocabulary. This refers to changing the settings you have chosen upon creating the vocabulary.
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