It is important to note that content can belong to several vocabularies at once. Also vocabulary relations can be modified dynamically as new content or new vocabularies are added. This saves the trouble to manually update the relationships each time.

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The general meaning of Taxonomy is the science of classification. In Drupal it refers to the method by which your web site content is organized, using different types of relationships between the terms.
Here we will explain in simple steps how you can upgrade your Drupal application to the latest stable version. Before you proceed with the upgrade procedure you should make sure that you have a full backup of your Drupal site. We assume that you have…
In order to backup your Drupal application you have to: Step 1: Backup all your web site files. Backup all the files and folders inside your Drupal directory. You can do that by downloading them via your favourite FTP client. You can find our comprehensive…
Here we will try to explain how you can enable the clean URLs in Drupal in three simple steps. All SiteGround servers fully support the Apache mod_rewrite module and all Drupal users hosted on our servers will be able to use the clean URLs option.
Managing Users in Drupal Check out the Managing Users in Drupal Video Tutorial: Managing Users in Drupal Video Tutorial
Check out our How to Change the Default Drupal Theme Video Tutorial: How to Change the Default Drupal Theme Video Tutorial How to change the default Drupal theme?
Affordable installation of Drupal modules with the Drupal Hosting Services! Check out our Install/Enable Drupal Modules Video Tutorial: Install/Enable Drupal Modules Video Tutorial
How to start a Drupal site? All you need to do is sign up for a hosting account where you can have the Drupal application installed. Here at SiteGround we offer a FREE Drupal installation! With our Professional Drupal hosting package you can start creating…
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