A map is a great way to visually show your visitors the location of something--be it a business address, the location of a great restaurant, where you went on your ski trip, etc. Having a visual clue of where something is reinforces the location you're…

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A question that comes up often of new users is "How do I change the layout of the content on my frontpage?". To be more specific, the question is often about how to change the content layout from Joomla!'s default 1 column leading / 2…
This how-to is aimed more at Joomla! developers than our beginner or intermediate Joomla! user crowd. When creating an extension (module, component, plugin, or template), it's often necessary to give users the ability to choose custom settings by giving them Parameter options. Interacting with parameters…
This how to article piggy-backs off one of the recent articles, How To Change the Layout on the Frontpage. In that How To we discussed how changing a few parameters in the frontpage menu item could totally change the look and format of the frontpage.…
As a security guy, I get asked frequently about Joomla, and if it's secure. I start to answer, and am always interrupted with something along the lines of: "..I know it's not, I just want to know how insecure it is.."
Good day, if you are reading this, I hope you will take a few moments to really consider the need for a good incident management plan for your website. Ask yourself, What WOULD you do if you were hacked?
This article applies to Joomla! 1.5 development. This information is subject to change in Joomla! 1.6.
One of the most important aspects of extension development is gathering input from the user and manipulating it in a meaningful way. Many times, you will collect data with a form and then store it into a database table. Other times, you will decide how…
Our teachers like to explain in Joomla beginner classes is that we're not Joomla cheerleaders. We love Joomla, but it has strengths and weaknesses like all software. Perhaps the biggest current weakness is user levels.
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