This tutorial will show you how to track search queries on your Joomla site. Often these queries can be a great source of information about what your visitors want:

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This tutorial which will show you how to create a business directory or Yellow Pages on your Joomla site. We're going to use a component called Sobi2, which is available from Installing Sobi2
Sometimes you have text, an image or even code that appears on many places throughout your Joomla site. Normally, updating is a slow process: Open page Make change Close page Repeat ad infinitum
In our beginner classes we teach that module are small blocks of content around the outside of a Joomla site ... top, right, left, bottom. Now that you're a little more familiar with Joomla, let's see an exception to that rule ... we can place…
For the first time we're not sending a tutorial this week, but a download link:
Joomla templates allow you to redesign your site easily. They also allow you style your modules. Your login box can have one color, your "Latest News" can have another color and your "Most Popular News" can have third.
Having a fast site is really important: "For Google an increase in page load time from 0.4 second to 0.9 seconds decreased traffic and ad revenues by 20%. For Amazon every 100 ms increase in load times decreased sales with 1%." source.
This tutorial is a response to a question we've been asked often in classes: "How can I resize images as I upload them?"
We've had several people recently contact us after losing the login to their Joomla site. Often they can't remember or just don't know both the username and password. Here's how to recover if you've been locked out of your Joomla 1.5 site:
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