If you've worked with any kind of database-driven web application, you know that HTML forms are the foundation of the user's interaction with the database. Applications use forms to take input from the user and store it or use it to manipulate existing data. Unfortunately,…

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Because of it ubiquitous nature, automatic emailing is something that many clients expect. People want to be notified immediately of changes on their sites -- when a new article has been submitted, or a blog comment has been posted. Joomla! already provides some of this…
Long-time users of Joomla are quite familiar with content plugins. When you want to take some user-entered text and reformat it into something else, there’s nothing quite as handy as having a content plugin ready to do your bidding.
It's no secret that Joomla's default editor lacks quite a few features. We often recommend that people upgrade to Joomla Content Editor (JCE). You can click here to find full instructions how to install JCE, including a video. What we're going to cover in this…
This tutorial will show you how to take an RSS feed and import it into your Joomla site. Each item on the RSS feed will become a separate Joomla article. We use this technique for a couple purposes:
Something I have run into frequently during module development is the need to allow multiple instances of that module on a single page. Joomla!, of course, handles 99% of the work involved, but there are a few tricky aspects to making this work. One is…
Would you like to be able to update your Joomla site and automatically send that update to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Ning and dozens of other sites? This tutorial will show you how.
Today's security topic is inspired by a recent exercise I went through - testing a server for PCI compliance. For those who are not aware PCI is a security standard for accepting credit cards. According the website for PCI they state their mission as follows:
Debugging PHP applications has always been a bit of a challenge, as the environment is so distributed. At the minimum, there is a web server, the PHP interpreter, and the web browser. While there are tools that add debugging environments to PHP (such as XDebug),…
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