Are you new with Shopify? And you want to completely manage your Shopify store? Here are some simple but effective tips for Shopify owners, especially for the beginners.

Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners

These Shopify tips are very basic but they are really essential for any store. Do not make over-optimizing the unnecessary customizations and forget the basic ones.

Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners

1. Using Draw Tool

Shopify provides Draw tool that you can draw on your product images. The color picker allows you to add color code, so you can easily match the draw color with the image color. To get the exact color code, you can use extensions on browser like ColorZilla which supports both Firefox and Chrome. Or you can use color picker tool on Photoshop. It is useful to delete small parts in the product images for example, delete the product logo on one-color background image.


Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners


Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners

2. Enable Currency Conversion

This customization is absolutely convenient for new store owners. Even though prices are displayed in different currencies, orders will still be processed in your store's currency.

Simply, just Enable currency conversion option by going to Theme Settings > Currency > Enable currency conversion.

Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners

3. Add Copyright/Policies Information to Footer

The polices (shipping policy, return policy, support policy...) are very important in modern online shopping. It seems to be the guarantee for customers to process the purchase. With Shopify, you can easily and quickly create copyright/policy links, information at the footer of your website.

Just go to Sections> Footer then add your copyright/polices information, HTML allowed. Remember to keep in mind that you must follow the polices that you created.

Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners

4. Test Mobile Setting on your Store

There's no need to mention the important of mobile shopping. Lots of people are willing to order on mobile devices therefore, it is really necessary to optimize your online store on mobile devices.

Using mobile phones, tablet to access your website and see how your website display on mobile. Then you will know which part need to optimize. The regular problem on mobile is image optimizing, menu... If you do not have much experience on optimizing, it is better for you to use pre-made premium Shopify themes or free Shopify themes which are well organized and optimized for both desktop and mobiles.

Simple & Effective Tips for New Shopify Owners

5. Create Text Logo

Besides using logo marker tools, you can use a text logo that is very flexible and easy to change the color along with the store background color. Text logo also prevents the awkward white box around your logo if you use .jpg images instead of .png ones.

6. Minimise the Cutomization

Although Shopify themes totally allow you to customize as the way you want, but it is no meaning if you try customize any element in your store. All the Shopify themes providers have well optimized the themes that you just need to install and update the images, information related to your products. Or changing the background color, font color to be suitable with your brand, purpose.

7. Boost your Store to Free Social Channels

If you do not have budget to promote your store with Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, you can use free social network to promote it.

Whenever creating a new product, submit it to Google and lets google indexes your product. Do not forget to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest... You can gain a lot of reach if you have an exciting images & content.

In conclusion, each Shopify online store is used for different products. Based on your products, business's strategies you can choose the best suitable Shopify themes to build your website that will take you the least effort to learn and customize.

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